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The Education Fund Ocean Bank Center for Educational Materials accepts most new and slightly used school supply donations. 

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Here's how:

  • Identify all usable inventory, remnants, surplus supplies, etc.
  • Complete the online form below (scroll all the way down) 立博中文版海洋银行教材中心的经理会打电话给您,讨论贵公司的捐赠,并安排送货或取货.
  • Not sure if your items are appropriate to donate? Just call The Education Fund at 305-558-4544, x100.
  • 保留您在企业捐赠后收到的信件,并将其出示给您的税务顾问,以确定您的捐赠是否有资格根据美国国税局第170(e)(3)条获得高达200%的税收减免。.
  • 要知道,贵公司的物资将在整个迈阿密戴德县的公立立博中文版我们的时事通讯教室中得到充分利用. 我们将在立博中文版海洋银行教材中心编目并展示您的作品.
  • Receive recognition in program newsletters, invitations, flyers, teacher publications, and at special events.

For more information, please email The Education Fund Ocean Bank Center for Educational Materials Program Manager


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